Who is oregonnater?


Hello readers!

My name is Nate and I am a transplant to Oregon from Kansas. I am a teacher who works with students who are learning English and I can’t be happier to be in the education profession. My partner-in-crime is my dog, Grace, and she travels with me on all my adventures.

The purpose of this blog is really for me to have a place to share about my experiences exploring in the area. I’m an avid hiker who likes to find amazing new trails to climb. The big payoff at the summit of a mountain or in front of a rushing waterfall is always worth every drop of sweat. Somehow the isolation of being in the middle of a forest with virtually no one around makes me feel connected to everything and revitalizes me. Plus, the exercise doesn’t hurt.

Up until now, I’ve been posting all the pictures of my journeys on FB, but not everyone is on that site. So, I’ve decided to start using this blog as my way of keeping everyone in the loop in my friends and family. I also think that it might be useful for anyone wanting to know where all the good hiking trails are in SW Oregon. (On that note, if you’re from the area and know a trail I haven’t tried yet, let me know!)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and seeing all of the beauty that this state and region have to offer.


4 thoughts on “Who is oregonnater?

  1. Wonderful photos and it has inspired me to do more hiking around here. So many beautiful places to see and experience!! I am transplanted from the Chicago burbs, and enjoy finding new places in the woods. Love it here. Keep up your blog!


  2. Hi Nate! Can the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest use a couple of your photos??? I’m redoing the Recreational Opportunity Guides, and am trying to incorporate photos where I can. While I get out and see as much as I can, we simply have too many sites and not enough photos! I’ll totally give you photo cred! Please email me and let me know! (I’m particularly interested in your Deep Gorge photos, but I’m sure I could come up with a few others if I spent some time on your site! Great work!


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