Backpacking to Pine Flat

After revisiting the Illinois River trail a few weekends ago, I decided that I was going to spend part of my spring break backpacking back down Shorty Noble Way to those riverside campsites. From the forecast I could see that the weather would actually work out pretty well in my favor. I headed out on Tuesday morning, planning to pack up and head back on Thursday morning — two days of lounging around camp in my underwear and taking hundreds of identical pictures of the river.


A few miles into my hike, I came upon a few people who were also heading to Pine Flat. They told me that the Siskiyou Mountain Club was there to maintain Shorty Noble trail and to build a bridge (!!!) over the creek. First, thanks so much SMC for improving some of my favorite trails (and for just keeping them alive, in some cases). I try to do my part by cleaning off small brush and crappy rocks that trip you up, but I rarely break out the saw and do any real trail work, much less build a bridge!

As I walked on, I realized that I had to find another campsite because the SMC crew would be camping at my destination. Sure enough, I came upon some of them hiking back for supplies and they confirmed that they were camped at the base of Shorty Noble Way, so I decided to go a bit further and find a spot at Pine Flat.


Almost six miles later… ❤ ❤

I originally had my campsite set up close to the water, but the constant shimmering from the water was making my skin feel like it was cooking me alive, so I moved further away from the river. It was also better at night because it was less gusty. The next morning, I awoke to this…


It took about 15 or 20 minutes for the sun to dissipate the fog once it came up over the mountains. It’s probably a daily occurrence in the spring since the water is super cold and the weather from the ocean is warm and humid. Here are some more pictures from when I was lounging around.


Though I had to climb a bit more and walk a bit further in order to get to Pine Flat, I had the place completely to myself, so it was a perfect spring break vacation. Now that I think about it, I could recover a few days, then head out for one more overnight before school is back in session. 😉

One thought on “Backpacking to Pine Flat

  1. Nice that your days off finally coincided with some nice weather! Also nice that you had Pine Flat to yourself. The one time I was there (in April) it was real busy.


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