Lake Siskiyou Trail

In my desperation for a novel trail that is also accessible, I hiked around another man-made reservoir today. I was wanting to go to something else in the area, but there has been a decent amount of snow recently and I had to go with my plan B. Lake Siskiyou is just off of I-5 near Mount Shasta (the city). The Lake Siskiyou trail was also under a little bit of snow, but it wasn’t enough to keep people from using it. It seemed to be a popular spot in the area for fishing and hiking.

I didn’t get to complete the whole loop since a seasonal bridge was taken out, but here are some pictures for you to you enjoy:


First view of the lake, with residential behind me


Wagon Creek pedestrian bridge



Someone fishing out in the cold


Some geese watching some other geese


A creepy fungus creature that is devouring this plant


❤ ❤


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