Women’s March 2018 – Medford

Today marks the first anniversary of the Women’s March (among other less-important things). Last year where I live, the march in Ashland drew in an estimated 8,000 people from all around Southern Oregon — blog post here. This year it came to the somewhat-less-progessive Medford, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I met up with close friends from work, all incredible women in their own right, for this amazing event.

So many negative things have happened in the country in the past year have made it feel like we’ve regressed decades as a society. On top of that, hatred and bigotry of every kind seem to dominate our political discourse. Our divisions are now more pervasive and influential than our commonalities are and should be.

Today the march, just like last year’s, gave me hope that a tide of change is coming to wipe out all of that hatred. But it’s different because 2018 elections are coming. We’ve already seen this year through the elections in Virginia and Alabama that change is coming. More women and people of color are running for office. More powerful, white men are being held accountable for their sexual misconduct and/or corrupt behavior and their power is slipping. There are definitely still problems that need urgent attention. Fortunately, movements such as the Women’s March remind us that we are more alike than we are different. Unity is a major part of community and without it, there is no undoing the bad that comes our way. Coming together is the only way that we can really overcome obstacles in order to create a better future.


My awesome friend, Jen, selling pussy hats 🙂


❤ ❤ ❤


Probably one of my favorite signs of the day






The force is strong with this one


My roommate made a pussy hat by “suturing” on some pieces of a tea towel to a baseball cap LOL it was rad



I hope that the lone Trump supporter realized that he looked silly



If you can’t see it, the white sign in the middle says, “Literally everything about this is so aweful (sic) that I have no idea where to start”



Jamie McLeod — future congresswoman for OR District 2 who will take Greg Walden out 😀


Me and Jamie McLeod ❤ Change is coming

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