Rogue River Trail – Grave Creek to Whisky Creek

With snow blocking a lot of the higher-elevation hikes, I decided to go low and hike a section of the Rogue River Trail. I’ve been to a section of the Rogue that is further to the west, near Marial (Inspiration Point) and it was pretty amazing. Also, this trail starts right across the river from the trail for Rainie Falls so I knew I would like this.

The morning journey started out foggy and beautiful. It didn’t really cause any problems because it only loomed up in the mountains and stayed out of the valleys where the roads are. There was a wild turkey that almost ran into my car, though. Arriving at the trailhead, I found that the fog had started to lift a bit.


Starting out at the trailhead


Beautiful macro details


There was a spur trail that went down to Rainie Falls, which piqued my interest, but I kept going. I was determined to make it to the Whisky Creek Cabin, which is an old cabin from the 1880s that now is a sort of museum.



Some serious of shelf fungus


More macro beauty


About 3.55 miles in, I came to a bridge to cross Whisky Creek.


Whisky Creek from the bridge

I ended up going past the turnoff for the cabin, then backtracking and trying to take a shortcut to get to it. When I realized I was on an old logging road (or maybe campground road?) above where I needed to be, I could see that the cabin didn’t look that impressive and there was a group of people camping outside. I decided to turn around and head back. I was OK with it.



The bridge right by the trailhead

By the way, the amount of ticks I encountered on this hike was surprising! I did not expect to see any of those parasites in mid-November at 35 degrees, but I picked at least 20 off of each dog. Gross.

If you’re curious to see the map and stats for this hike, here you go:

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 7.25.01 PM

I think the fog messed up my tracking at the start LOL 7.74 miles, 1342 elevation gain, 2 hrs 44 mins

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