Tangle Blue and Little Marshy Lakes

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 1.22.26 PM

Trailhead to Tangle Blue Lake — 3.33 mi

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.31.31 PM

Tangle Blue Lake to Little Marshy Lake — should be 2.35 mi (I went the wrong way)

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.29.48 PM

Little Marshy Lake to the trailhead — 4.12 mi

Date: 7/8-7/9/17

Hike Difficulty: moderate
Hike Length: 9.70 mi loop (without going to Big Marshy or getting lost…)
Elevation Gain: Leg 1 = 1132 ft, leg 2 = 764 ft, leg 3 = 33 ft (it’s ALL downhill going home)
Time: Leg 1 = 1:57, leg 2 – 1:41, leg 3 – 2:00

This overnighter was all about completing my missions. My first mission was taking pictures of Tangle Blue Lake and actually getting back to the car with them in one piece. I gave myself this mission because I recently stayed the night at Tangle Blue and landed on my cell phone. I wasn’t able to retrieve the pictures from my old cell phone, so I never ended up posting about my hike.

Mission number two had to do with getting the prime camping spot at Tangle Blue. My roommate, Kathy, and I had found an amazing spot right by a stream that we wanted to try out.

The third mission was to see the Marshy Lakes, which are down another fork of the same trail I had gone down before. You know how it is — you hear about a place and then you have to add it to your list of places to visit just so you can check it off.

In all, I did okay with completing missions…a lousy 50%.

I obviously got pictures of Tangle Blue, and with my new camera this time. I’ve been studying photography in my spare time in an effort to figure out how to use my camera to its maximum capacity. I think I’m getting a lot better!

I didn’t get to camp at the primo spot because there were already people there when I arrived. There was a family at the spot next to me and the dogs were being annoying, so I decided to move along to Little Marshy to find a more solitary campsite. My campsite was actually pretty outstanding. I had a small waterfall and creek next to me and it wasn’t too buggy. The only downside of Little Marshy Lake is that it is mostly on private land, so the owners were also there. However, they didn’t give me any guff for staying across the lake from them, so all is good.

As for the third mission, it’s only half complete; I was able to muster up the energy to make it to Little Marshy, but this morning I couldn’t bring myself to walk the extra .5 miles (and climb 175 ft or so) to Big Marshy. I didn’t realize that I had to walk across the creek and climb up, so I just turned around and headed back to my car.

Oh well. It gives me something to come back for later.

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