Taylor Creek


The orange and red parts were part of Burned Timber trail loop, but with the bridge out, I couldn’t loop it

Date: 2/18/17

Hike Difficulty: pretty easy
Hike Length: 4.73 mi
Elevation Gain: 745 ft
Time: 1 hr 48 mins

It is supposed to be rainy all weekend, so I wanted to do a low-elevation hike that I’d never tried before. I headed for Taylor Creek Trail, which is only a few hours away and close to Grants Pass.

Right away, the hike didn’t start off right because I started at the opposite end of the trail than I had meant to. Still, it wasn’t a terrible mistake to make, so I just kept going. At one point I had to decide if I wanted to continue on the trail or climb up a little to the Burned Timber interpretive trail, so I went up. Burned Timber was interesting and had some wide open forest moments, but the bridge to cross Burned Timber Creek was washed out so I couldn’t finish the loop.

Then, when I got back to Taylor Creek Trail, there was a group of five people with a dog. Solitude ruined, I decided not to awkwardly walk behind them, so I headed back to the car. Next time I’ll head out from the other end at Big Pine Campground.

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