Weekend Repeats


I turned on the crazy hot trails setting so you can see how much further I had to go to get to the offensively-named Squaw Peak and its lookout (upper right)


Date: 1/28/17

Hike Difficulty: moderate
Hike Length: 6.88 mi
Elevation Gain: 1476 ft
Time: 2 hrs 54 mins

This weekend, I wanted to explore somewhere new, but I ended up doing two repeats. On Saturday, I returned to Little Grayback for round three (?) and to see if I could make it to the Squaw Peak lookout. I didn’t, but I got pretty far along the ridge and almost made it to the road. Since last week when I hiked Little Grayback, it hadn’t snowed much more and it was warm during the days. As a result, my boot prints were kinda still there where the snow hadn’t melted away completely. I followed Boots on the Trail‘s tracks for the portions where there were still snowdrifts in the shadow of the hillside. I turned around right before a juncture with a trail that connects to Mule Mountain. Maybe next time I attempt this I’ll actually make it to the lookout. We’ll see. Stay tuned after the pictures for another hike.



Date: 1/29/17

Hike Difficulty: fairly easy
Hike Length: 5.02 mi
Elevation Gain: 489 ft
Time: 2 hrs 20 mins

My Sunday was spent climbing at Viewpoint Mike near Lost Creek Lake. I’d done this one before last spring, and though it was pretty with a little snow, I prefer it with flowers. I’ll have to come back when spring flowers start in a month or two.


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