Little Grayback


So far to go!

Date: 1/22/17

4WD/high clearance needed? Probably not, except in the winter after a snow
Hike Difficulty: moderate
Hike Length: 3.78 mi
Elevation Gain: 938 ft
Time: 1 hr 35 mins

I tried to make it to the trailhead for Little Grayback in the Applegate for three weekends now. With a bit of clearing branches off the road, I was able to make it about .2 miles from the trailhead, so I parked it and took off from there. This is a brand new hike for me, though I’m familiar with the area. This trail connects to Charlie Buck/Baldy Peak and Mule Mountain (which is pretty much closed now due to new owners at the trailhead). Right from the start, I had to use my snowshoes because the road was covered.

The amount of snow on the trail itself started pretty low then got up to knee-high at times. Little Grayback offers some wonderful views of surrounding mountains like White and Black Mtns., Whisky Peak, and Red Buttes. The trail doesn’t lead to the summit for Little Grayback, but I imagine you could make your way up to the ridge when there is no snow. Although I didn’t get that far, the map shows that this trail can reach Squaw Peak after another 3 miles or so, so that will be my goal the next time I come out.

2 thoughts on “Little Grayback

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