Collings Mountain


Date: 1/16/17

Hike Difficulty: strenuous
Hike Length: 7.10 mi
Elevation Gain: 2149 ft (I went off trail a few times)
Time: 3 hrs 39 mins

I’ve kinda exhausted my winter hike options, at least the ones that are close by, so I decided to try Collings Mountain again. I hadn’t ever tried to reach the summit because my guidebook says that there are not any vistas from the top due to the amount of trees. Still, I needed to get more than a couple miles in, so I tried to get as far as I could in the snow. I don’t know why, but I left my snowshoes and poles in the car, so I only had boots on. I made it pretty far, even though the going was tough. I was probably about .1 miles from the summit when I couldn’t go any more and had to turn around.

I’ll have to come back when the snow melts to complete the loop that connects with part of the lake loop. The trail was pushing my limits with all the snow.

One thought on “Collings Mountain

  1. Doing the Collings Trail counter-clockwise is the tougher way to do it – all the gain in a short distance. Made more so for you by the snow. I did the loop in mid-December and this time made a point of going to Colling’s summit – needed just a little bushwhacking up to it from the trail. The summit is covered with trees, so there are no views.


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