Clikapudi Trail


Date: 12/31/16

Hike Difficulty: relatively easy
Hike Length: 9.60 mi
Elevation Gain: 702 ft
Time: 3 hrs 27 mins

I had a small window of opportunity to get a hike in before bad weather comes in the next few days, so I took off for Shasta Lake to try out a new area. This is a long way from home at about 2.5 hrs away, but it was good to get a different backdrop.

Clikapudi Trail (whose name comes from the Wintu word for “to kill”, referring to a bloody conflict between Native Americans and settlers) seems to be made more for mountain bikers, though it worked just fine for hiking. I started at the Jones Valley Campground trailhead, which is one of three entry points into this trail. Starting at the campground was supposedly going to add .5 mi each way, but my data shows that it was an extra 1.25 each way. So, the brochure put out by Shasta-Trinity National Forest has some inaccurate information.

The Clikapudi loop itself is about 7.1 mi long and has a lot of good views of the reservoir. There were many interesting rock outcroppings, as well as mossy creeks and streams that all lead to the reservoir. Not bad for a lakeshore hike. Plus, the name Clikapudi is fun to say.

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