Blue Grotto (Lost Creek Lake)


Date: 12/10/16
Hike Difficulty: easy
Hike Length: 4.76 mi
Elevation Gain: 712 ft
Time: 1 hr 42 mins

I thought my car would make it up Hwy 230 to Diamond Lake so I could go see some waterfalls in the snow, but it’s a snow zone and I don’t have chains for my tires, so I had to change my plans as I often do. I ended up at Lost Creek Lake to go to one of my favorite places. I went to the Blue Grotto back in February and later in March so I’m pretty familiar with the route.

Due to rain and snowmelt, this was the wettest I’ve ever seen the trail. It was like walking up a stream pretty much the entire time. When I got to the grotto, the amount of water falling into the box canyon was pretty amazing, too.

The only thing that wasn’t very cool was when some a-holes were shooting rifles from a boat on Lost Creek Lake. I had to put Grace on a leash and keep her close to me just in case they looked up and thought she was a deer or something. It looked like they were shooting the water and the shore, so I started taking pictures. I never got any identifying info in the picture, though. From the trail, I called the police on the three men, who were likely drinking, too, by the way they were acting. But being that Oregon has no money to pay for police, I’m guessing that nothing ever came of it.

At a restaurant on my way home, this guy was talking to me about it and mentioned that he hears gunfire all the time in the forest. It never stops and sometimes they get scary close to his house and don’t even realize his house is there while they’re firing away. Dumb people and guns…

Anyway, I’ve included a video for the first time. Enjoy!


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