Stein Butte 2


Somehow, it was offset to the east on the way back down, which looks interesting


Date: 11/27/16
Hike Difficulty: challenging
Hike Length: 9.03 mi
Elevation Gain: 2612 ft
Time: 3 hrs 21 mins

Stein Butte is a good, yet challenging cold-weather hike. I remember hiking Stein Butte last winter when all the higher elevation hikes got snowed in for the season. It kicked my butt a year ago, so I was interested to see if I handled it any better now that I have been training longer. I made it to the summit about 17 minutes faster this year than last year, though some of that might have been me taking more photos the first time. Still, I like to think that I’m a lot more conditioned for hiking than I was before the summer. The roundtrip time was oddly about the same — I shaved about 2 minutes off of last year’s time just because I walked downhill a little more this time around.

If you want more, see my previous post on Stein Butte from last spring here.

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