Lemolo Falls


Date: 11/11/16
Hike Difficulty: moderate (surprisingly)
Hike Length: 2.47 mi RT
Elevation Gain: 614 ft to climb back out
Time: 56 mins

My Rating (out of 5): 4.5 – This was a pretty little detour. I have been wanting to go to Lemolo Falls the past few times I was on the N Umpqua Hwy, but I didn’t ever take the time. Today, since I was already in the area, I finally gave in to my curiosity.

I ended up going to the old Lemolo Falls trail, which is accessed just south of the dam. I ended up parking on NF 800 and walking down. There were so many pretty species of moss and lichen that I hadn’t seen before and it was all thriving. It is deceptive how far you drop down and you don’t realize it until you’re climbing back out. Regardless of the hard climb, Lemolo Falls was absolutely worth it. The falls are about 165 feet and spray 60 feet wide. It would’ve been amazing to see before Lemolo Dam was built; I was reading that it had five to eight times more volume before that.

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