Puck Lakes via Nannie Creek


Date: 10/29/16
Hike Difficulty: much easier than last time
Hike Length: 5.63 mi RT
Elevation Gain: 850 ft
Highest Point: 6631 ft
Time: 2 hrs 15 min

My Rating (out of 5): 4.5 – I had been looking closely at the forecast to see what this weekend looked like and all I could see was rain and snow. After last weekend’s snowy hikes, I bought some snowshoes, so I felt like I was prepared for anything. The bad weather days are sometimes the best ones because you don’t have to deal with other people and you get to see some beautiful stuff.

The trail had much less snow than before, so I made good time and didn’t even use my snowshoes; I actually had to stash them about a mile in so I didn’t have to carry them anymore. I followed the trail as best as I could, but sometimes all I could rely on to stay on track was the sight of trees that had fallen on the trail and been cut in half. I made it a bit farther than I did last time, making it to and past Puck Lakes. Before too long, though, I lost the trail and couldn’t find it again. Plus, it started to sleet pretty heavily, so I knew it was probably time to get out before the weather got worse. Still, this was worth the return trip, even though I didn’t really get to use my snowshoes.

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