Trail Gulch and Long Gulch Lakes



Date: 9/25/16
Hike Difficulty: difficult
Hike Length: 10.48 mi loop
Elevation Gain: 2300 ft
Highest Point: 7369 ft
Time: 4 hrs 43 mins

My Rating (out of 5): 4.5 – I wanted a little adventure down in the Trinity Mountains this weekend just to change things up. Every time I go down to northern California I’m impressed by how beautiful it is. The Marbles and the Trinities both have a rugged, untouched feel to them. Lots of cool mountain lakes and craggy rock formations.

It doesn’t seem that there are many other hikers on the trails in the area, which is crazy considering how amazing the surroundings are. Trail Gulch and Long Gulch Lakes were not very busy today. We only saw one other person in the almost 5 hours spent. There was, however, so much poop on the trail. Horse poop. Cow poop. Grace had the time of her life and rolled in a lot of dirt and poop.

Trail Gulch Lake is about 2 miles and 800 feet elevation from the trailhead. It was ice cold and very welcome on a somewhat warm day. After recharging a bit on the shore, we made our way up a few switchbacks to the ridge, which was the most strenuous part. Before long at around 5.9 miles, Long Gulch Lake came into view, with its weird rock island that formed in an avalanche. Jade declared that when we got down to the lake, she was going to go to the island and claim it for her own. You’ll have to see the pics below to find out if she actually made it 🙂

Though it was a long loop, I am glad that we trekked out into the Trinities. There are many other mountain lakes in the area that are next on my list.

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