Mount Thielsen



Date: 9/18/16
Hike Difficulty: very difficult
Hike Length: 8.47 mi RT (didn’t make it all the way up)
Elevation Gain: 2592 ft (out of 3800…)
Highest Point: 7907 ft
Time: 3 hrs 44 mins

My Rating (out of 5): 4.5 – Here’s my sequel to last weekend’s hike to Mount Bailey. I knew going into this that Mount Thielsen would be more challenging. I also knew that I wasn’t going all the way to the top since that would require some scary rock climbing. Instead, I went into this just seeing how far I could go before it was too much. It helped that I had company with me this time.

We started out with a more-or-less clear sky, so I thought the cloudy forecast was wrong. I didn’t want to get rained on during this hike, much less get struck by lightning; Thielsen is known as the “lightning spire of the Cascades”. It was a gorgeous hike with a lot of downed trees everywhere. There was a nice wind as we climbed up the steep ridge. At a few points, the storm alarm on my GPS watch went off, which means a drop in barometric pressure indicative of a storm rolling in. Sure enough, the clouds started getting darker behind us and eventually we decided to turn back. It was about .75 miles and 1200 ft elevation to go. 😦

I might’ve come up short in summiting Mount Thielsen, but I am definitely OK with coming back to try again sometime soon, preferably when the weather is right.

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