Lost Creek Lake – Lewis Road Trailhead

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.06.19 p.m.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.06.48 p.m.

The trail starts at the “play” symbol and follows the shore to the west. BTW, the data to the east of the symbol is a mistake. I drove away after finishing the hike with my GPS watch still tracking 🙂 Amateur…

Date: 3/25/16
Hike Difficulty: easy
Hike Length: 4.78 mi roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 722 ft
Time: 1 hr 51 mins
Tick Count: Me-1   Grace-1

My Rating (out of 5): 4.5 –Now that I have a way to track my hikes, I feel that I should spend some time revisiting some of my favorite hikes to see how my realtime data compares to that of my hiking books.

This section of the Rogue River trail that runs around Lost Creek Lake is one of my favorites, mostly because of the endpoint. This trail leads to the grotto — a box canyon that has all sorts of volcanic ash deposits from way back in the day from an eruption of Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake). At about 2.4 miles from the trailhead, this is an amazing sight that is pretty easy to get to. There isn’t even really any elevation gain, since this trail circles the lake. One downside: like most hikes that are close to water, there was a TON of poison oak, but most of it is just starting to shoot and hasn’t exploded in size quite yet.

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