PCT – Seiad Valley to Devil’s Peak

Date: 2/7/16

Hike Difficulty: difficult

Trail Length: I had to have made it at least 6.0 mi out of the 10 mi RT

Elevation Gain: So much climbing! The book says 3700 ft, but I didn’t quite make it

My Rating (out of 5): 4.0 – The only thing that made this one lose points was the ticks. Ticks everywhere. I had to have picked/brushed off 20 or 30 between Grace and I before we got in the car, and I still had to pick off 5 more when I got home. I have a piece of one still stuck in the back of my leg that hurts like hell. I’m probably gonna die of Lyme disease. Screw you, ticks.

Now that I got that out of the way, let me tell you about this hike. I traveled quite a long way for this one, but I enjoy seeing new places. This was my first time going over the Siskiyou Summit and into California on I-5. The scenery is amazing, especially with Mount Shasta peeking (or peaking?) through every now and then.

What drew me to this area was a part of the Pacific Crest Trail that goes to the Lower and Upper Devil’s Peaks. I didn’t make it even to the lower one, but I blame downed trees. I did my part to push them off the trail when I could. Still, I wasn’t able to get past the last one and I gave up. There was a lot of petrified wood as I got closer to the summit, so that was pretty glittery and cool to look at.

I would definitely come back here to try to make it all 5 miles to the first peak, but I gotta bring tick repellent next time. Damn ticks.

2 thoughts on “PCT – Seiad Valley to Devil’s Peak

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