Mule Mountain (Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest)

As of January 2017, the trailhead to Mule Mountain is closed. It passes through private property and the new owners did not want to cooperate with USFS.

Date: 1/10/16

Hike Difficulty: moderate

Trail Length: 4.0 mi RT

Elevation Gain: 1120 ft

My Rating (out of 5): 4.5 – It’s the first new hike of 2016! Things have been kind of slow lately since most of the good hikes have been snowed out. I ventured out today to another trail in the Applegate. It was a foggy morning, but all week the weather forecasts had been talking about Sunday afternoon and I had faith that the fog would clear. It did!

Getting there is pretty simple and I’ve actually driven by the trailhead many times. It’s about 12 miles south of Ruch on Applegate Rd. Since there isn’t much room to park, you have to park a little way down Applegate Rd and walk back to the trailhead. The first .2 miles go through private property, but the fencing disappears and you start the ascent. The trail had a pretty steady climb to it, but it wasn’t anything too steep. After a while, you get the choice to go down to the creek, where my trail book says there is a lot of poison oak, or up to the ridge and Baldy Peak.

We chose to climb to Baldy Peak, but didn’t quite make it that far. It was a gorgeous hike, still. I will have to come back to explore some more soon!

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