Grizzly Peak (climb #2)

Grizzly Peak

Date: 9/19/15

Hike Difficulty: easy

Trail Length: 5.2 mi RT

Elevation Gain: 980 ft

My Rating (out of 5): 4.5 – Perhaps I should plan my hikes a bit better, but I always seem to be racing to get to the summit before sunset. Last time I went to Grizzly Peak, I had a job interview that afternoon and had to cut my hike short. As such, I didn’t get to see any of the good views from the loop trail last time (the summit is NOT enough! You must do the loop trail!).

I rushed up the mountain and experienced an over 20 degree drop in temperature — it was 82 in the valley and 55 by the time I left. Not only did I beat the sunset, I was able to walk every bit of the loop trail that I had missed. The absolute best part was the path that veered off from the loop — the lollipop has two sticks! It led through a section where a wildfire had ravaged the landscape in 2003. It was interesting to see how the area is recovering and you could still see charred pieces of trees. The views of the valley were amazing and Mt. McLoughlin taunted me from a distance yet again. Someday I will climb you…someday.

One thought on “Grizzly Peak (climb #2)

  1. I was looking through several of your hikes and just now realized that the “My Rating” is not difficulty, but enjoyment or worth-while-ness. This might be a good one for my family, with little kids, though the length and elevation gain are probably on the edge of what we could handle. Thanks for the great information, especially to take the loop trail for good views.


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